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*Let R3V3R3NT build a board for you!! For a limited time beginner skateboarders with the R3V3R3NT School of Skateboarding can purchase a complete skateboard comprising of the trucks, bolts, bearings, wheels, deck and grip for £70. As a student with the R3V3R3NT School of Skateboarding you can even request for your board to be brought to your lesson and learn to assemble it as part of your learning experience.

* UK purchases only. This product is currently only available to students registered with the school of skateboarding.

Image of R3V3R3NT "Unity print" Skateboard
R3V3R3NT "Unity print" Skateboard
Image of R3V3R3NT "Obsessive Type" Skateboard Red
R3V3R3NT "Obsessive Type" Skateboard Red
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